Business & Innovation

Translating research ideas into added-value goods and services

MeCCE-14 and EXPOQUIMIA are committed to promoting and strengthening ties between academic research, industry and society needs.

MeCCE-14 will include sessions on how to transform academic research into an innovation success, and invited speakers will share their inspiring experience as entrepreneurs.

A dedicated panel will assess MeCCE-14 (16-20 Nov. 2020) contributions in regard of their innovation and business potential, and selected candidates will be invited to contend for the MeCCE-14 innovation award (1000€) during the face-to-face sessions programmed in the framework of the industrial exhibition EXPOQUIMIA (14-17 Sep. 2021).

Delegates joining the face-to-face B&I forum on 2021 will obtain an attendance certificate, and winners will receive an innovation award (1000€) as well as aid and guidance to add value to their original scientific ideas and speed-up their introduction into the market.At the face-to-face B&I forum, young candidates selected for the contest will be required to present and defend their innovation idea (instructions for the contest will be provided on due course). A final round table will be programmed with experienced innovators and entrepreneurs, invited speakers, jury members and the young candidates.


All accepted contributions will be eligible to be selected by the panel for the Business & Innovation Program. The abstract submission form is open until May 3rd. Do not miss this opportunity to participate in the Business & Innovation Program!
In order to participate please notice that authors of accepted contributions must be registered before June 14th 2021 through the online registration form.

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